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Collige Park kitchen remodelling – what do you need to know?

Kitchen Renovation Collige Park

Kitchens are a place to meet and enjoy family meals, comfort, and companionship, so they should always look good. Remodeling your kitchen can be your next project, increasing the price of your home!

Installing kitchen cabinets in Collige Park

Kitchen cabinets seem like a small item in any room. The design of the area can be made or destroyed by the way it is built and laid out. An experienced cabinet installer can help you avoid costly mistakes and save money.

Collige Park backsplash installation

Backsplash makes your kitchen more dynamic. Removing the tiles for easy installation or using a mesh backing mosaic are two ways to tile your kitchen.

Installing Collige Park Kitchen Island

From mealtimes to dish storage to comfortable seating, today’s islands are more than just a place to prepare food. Consider adding a sink to make your island more functional and versatile. Regardless of your needs or the size of your kitchen, there is an island for you.

Kitchen floor installation in Collige Park

If you want to completely redecorate your kitchen, redecorate your floors. There are many options these days. If you’re looking for a durable, easy-to-clean option and love the traditional charm of hardwood, consider vinyl or wood alternatives like this glazed ceramic tile.

Kitchen Installation Collige Park

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"We’ve made a really big research, in order to find a trustworthy renovation company, which will be able to deliver quality work with professionalism and affordability. We finally found ViSign Remodeling and we are happy that we choose them for our project. Everything was done in a timely manner and the contractor who came for the free survey come up with the best use of space for our kitchen. He listened to our ideas and bring all of them to life. Our dreamed kitchen came true – beautiful and functional. Highly recommend them!"

Sheryl and Billie Holmes from Atlanta, GA

"I used ViSign Remodeling to install our kitchen cabinets. They came, measured, and designed the whole project. The estimate was well-detailed and laid-out. I knew exactly how much I was being charged and how much everything costs. The guy who came put in a great effort to find the most cost-effective solution without sacrificing quality or style! Everyone during the kitchen cabinet installation was super helpful. I had tons of questions and the team was able to answer all. I’m over the moon in love with my new kitchen set up!"

Mary Stafford from Smyrna, GA

"I had a wonderful experience with this company and I’m very pleased with my new shower door installation. The customer care was awesome! The guy over the phone explained to me exactly how to take the measures and gave me an estimate. When the contractor came to check at the shower, his quote absolutely matched the one over the phone! There were no hidden fees or taxes – you’re paying only for the labor and the materials. The shower door was installed very quickly – in about an hour or so. The specialist who came made sure that I liked the door placement before he began drilling. The whole project was superb easy – never had such a good experience with a remodeling contractor!"

Robert Shaw from Sandy Springs, GA

"This renovation company is simply amazing! The team did a fascinating job this spring finishing our basement. The contractor who booked for the free survey was very knowledgeable and friendly. He was able to accommodate our busy schedule – he came late in the evening for the quote and answered our questions. He went over the different options with us for our basement. Long story short: Everyone at ViSign Remodeling was superb helpful – they spent a lot of time, explaining the pros and cons of the different materials and design options. There were no unexpected costs and they completed the basement finishing for the scheduled time. It was a pleasure to deal with such an honest and professional company!"

George and Ashley from Dunwoody, GA

"Dealing with ViSign Remodeling was the most wonderful experience – good eye for space and great attention to details! I wish I had done the closet remodeling a years ago! The transformation was life changing – I had a lot more space for all my shoes and clothes. Thank you so much for making the whole installation and designing process so smooth, easy and quick!"

Kelly Hubbard from Decatur, GA

"I had our home completely painted by ViSign Remodeling! The company stays in constant communication with you – from the very first moment you contact them to the final, making sure you are fully satisfied with the job. They kept their worksites clean and were extremely detail-oriented – all the lines between the walls and ceilings were perfect. At first, we even thought to get ViSign Remodeling to install and crown molding as well, but there was no need since the painting was done so wonderful – our home looks like a model house now! The company absolutely exceeded our expectations!"

Roy Barkley from Marietta, GA

Collige Park kitchen cabinet painting

It is easier to paint plywood, metal, and wood cabinets than other types of cabinets. Paint must adhere to some materials using special paints and methods. In contrast to cabinets with embossed edges or ornate architectural decorations, cabinets with flat front doors and drawer faces are easier to paint.

Backsplash kitchen installation

The kitchen backsplash installation includes the water and gas supply lines necessary for the operation of the kitchen. If not used properly, the plumbing under your kitchen sink can stop working, cause gas leaks or damage the slide nut. Therefore, it should be left to the experts.

Kitchen Remodeling Collige Park

Collige Park kitchen countertops installation

People who cook often need more space, ideally between the stove and sink, than those who rarely cook or prepare simple meals. But space allocation shouldn’t be your only consideration – consider height as well. Combining two counter heights (which can be done even in a small space like this) makes cooking easier and allows children to participate in meal preparation. An offset countertop can also help separate the hob and dining area if you want to cook and eat on the kitchen island.

For any of those tasks, make sure to reach out to us – ViSign Remodeling!